VMUF: 59 Years of Creating Legacy

By: Liezl Vergara Acena

15 March 2015

Today, Education must be raised to come across the requirements of today’s modern world. It needs to provide actual life skills, hearten innovation and upkeep student talents. Education is undeniably vital to the welfare of any country.

Education is our bridge to success. Certainly, for learning and success to happen, we must know how to put these into action. Learning and succeeding in our crafts is not easy. We do not have spells and magic wands that can make us big time millionaires, nor zillionaires, without entering school. We are not even in the enchanting story of Cinderella, or in the series of Harry Potter’s magical story that in just in a single wish, word, or snap, everything may change. Success is about starting at our lowlights, working harder for the highlights of our future. It is about giving worth to the opportunity to be educated, and valuing the heart of education. Ideally, education starts within our home, and it nurtures when we enter school. Smart beginnings are innovated painstakingly through studying from Basic to Tertiary level, while others continue their Professional Education too. There are many colleges and universities across our country competing to be the source of quality education. But among these colleges and universities, Virgen Milagrosa Univesity Foundation will always be remembered as the best and number one university in the hearts of many.

“To build not buildings only, but people” - From the humble dreams of Dr. Martin P. Posadas and Dr. Rosalina Q. Posadas, VMUF founders, started a simple old Spanish-type clinic named as Posadas Clinic, which has grown into a four-story hospital, now Virgen Milagrosa Medical Center; and from the hard work of building a world class educational institution that will uphold a way of life; a way to love and serve others, developed a university which is called today, Virgen Milagrosa University Foundation. For 59 years, Virgen Milagrosa University Foundation is testified to be an epitome of a university that provides excellent Catholic Education. Until now, it continues to produce globally competitive professionals, improve education relevant to national and global needs, and show undying service and immeasurable trust to everyone. For 59 years, VMUF has proven, and still proves its worth through its pre-elementary and elementary school, three high caliber junior high schools, top performing senior high school, and world class tertiary education.

Virgen Milagrosa University Foundation (VMUF), is the widest campus in Region one (1) among private institutions. Correspondingly, it is the only university in the Philippines with an International Rubberized Track and Field Oval which breeze in the Palarong Pambansa (Secondary Level) in 1995.

The university offers different courses, be it in the medical, paramedical fields, liberal and applied arts, sciences, and technical-vocational courses, senior and junior high school, elementary, and pre-school programs. Furthermore, Virgen Milagrosa University Foundation was awarded by the Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities - Commission on Accreditation (PACUCOA) for having the most number of accredited programs (Category A) in December 13, 2004, and at present, VMUF continues the way of having the Accreditation and Re-accreditation for its programs. Virgen Milagrosa University Foundation is internationally known and perceived by many as the home of top notchers and achievers for producing superb nationwide and regional top notchers, for bringing out numerous board passers, and for creating grand slam records in Licensure Examinations. It is also labeled as the best place of world class researchers and researches for students and professors are trained to become exceptional and brilliant researchers competing in different research contests and caravans across the globe, winning the top places respectively.

The university provides holistic education, allowing students thrive globally. It envisions their graduates as strongly grounded persons embodied by its tetralogy, instruction, research, training, and extension service. VMUF is dedicated in developing students to become analytical thinkers with genuine awareness; guiding them to practice spirituality, mutual respect, and leadership.

Students are taught to be skilled and proactive who are environmentally sensitive, socially accountable and respectful of individual, cultural and religious diversity. They are always given the chance to undergo different seminars and trainings; and allowed to partake in different extra-curricular activities like joining the dance troupe, student publication, and different campus organizations. They are also encouraged to participate during school gatherings and occasions like College Days Celebration, Foundation week anniversary, and intramurals. The university also observes Weekly Masses and Holy Days of Obligation for it is a Catholic University and under the inspiration and guidance of the Our Lady of Miraculous Medal.

The campus can accommodate many students, having special and well ventilated rooms for all academic subjects. All rooms are equipped completely; Online program access is available in the libraries, projectors, LCD screen, “GENYO” learning (for basic education), and computers, are also used inside the school which aid the students and professors in different processes, lectures and studies.

It is the only university in Pangasinan which has a hundred percent wireless connection inside the campus. The university has its own Wireless Fidelity connection and internet center inside which is of free use for the students. Students can also access their grades and check their schedules online with our student information system. Other services and facilities inside the university include the University Chapel, University Shop, Medical-Dental Clinic, Alumni Center, Students’ Center / Gazeboes, Library Resources, University Cafeteria, ATM Service, Round-the-Clock Security, Air-conditioned Event Hall, Audio Visual Rooms, well-equipped Laboratories, and Sports facilities. The university also caters boarding houses which delivers the chance for students to understand their independence outside their own homes.

VMUF offers scholarships and discounts to those who wish to enroll and be part of the family too. Academic Scholarship is being granted to all students with consistent weighted average from 87% up to 95% and above. Entrance Scholarship is open to all, and the percentage of scholarship is based on the result of the scholarship entrance examination. Athletic Scholarship, Drum and Bugle Corps Scholarship, Government or Private Scholarships, Student Assistance Grants, and Educational Plans are some of the scholarships offered by the university.

Indeed, Virgen Milagrosa University Foundation is an avenue of excellent catholic education, peace, and goodwill. The administrators, employees, and students practice Christ-centeredness, professional teaching, and pleasant learning. For 59 years, everyone has come to share kindness, and do valuable service for God and humanity. Surely, VMUF will continue to create this legacy.

It is evident that the simple dreams of the VMUF founders turned into reality. Buildings were not only built, but also people… These are outstanding and successful people, who were holistically molded by Virgen Milagrosa University Foundation; people who valued the heart of education and now professionals in their own crafts; and people who are almost there, getting to the bridge of success.

Imaginably, one is reading this piece right now. Congratulations, you are blessed. We all are. One main reason? The learning imparted to us by Virgen Milagrosa University Foundation.

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